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Welcome to Jarno's Puch Shop

Who are we:

PUCH SHOP.NL is about 15 years ago in close cooperation with the old Administrator of the site www.puchmaxi.nl launched?
Here you will find over 2,200 of the most diverse, and cheapest Puch Maxi parts, and accessories.
On this site you can order worldwide parts online for your Puch Maxi
We wish you lots of fun on the site, and good luck with your parts ordered with us.
These components are delivered, packed and shipped by Jarno's-Puch-Shop, a sister company of Jarno’s-Part-Service. (Scooter moped and car parts), Jarno’s-Pocketbike-Shop (Mini bike parts accessories and clothing) and Daciaparts (parts and accessories for the various Dacia cars)

The use of Engine Tuning parts on public roads is strictly prohibited!
Engine Tuning parts are intended only for use on specially organized meetings and/or races. Doubt you, whether a product meets the statutory requirements for use on the public roads?
Ask us first, before you proceed to purchase!
The Puchshop.nl team.